What My Clients Say......

She's an Artist!
"She really is an artist in the way she connects to and uses her stones and the essential oils on your body to reduce pain and stress. You will NEVER want anything different after experiencing her massages." 
-- Barb T., CEO, Fort Collins, Co

"It's pure magic!"

-- L.R., Psychotherapist, Northern Colorado

" It was wonderful!! It was one of the best sessions I ever had! Phenomenal! You have a way of not making it hurt when working out the kinks! The gradual way in which you went into the area was very relaxing!"
- Dawn W., Certified Massage Therapist, Wellington, CO

The Best
"After experiencing Mary's massage with hot stones why would anyone want to go back to 'regular' massage? She is absolutely the best - her hot stones are so wonderful and comforting. Your stress will melt and you'll feel like jello!"
-- Jim S., musician, Fort Collins, Co

Fantastic Stress Relief
"Your hot stones are awesome - better than anything I've experienced!! My favorite part was the wonderful work on head, neck and shoulders that totally relieved all my stress and tension."
-- Linda S, college professor, Colorado

Fibromyalgia -- Gone!
"I had fibromyalgia for many years with pain, fatigue and many sleepless nights. Many days I could hardly drag myself out of bed to go to work. About 2 years ago I started coming in for regular hot stone massage with Mary. She explained how fibromyalgia affects the muscles, the benefits of massage with hot stones and that it might take time to reduce the effects of fibromyalgia. I gradually started feeling better, then sleeping better and now I am so much better feel like a different person! I have more energy and my family is amazed!"
-- Susan R., administrative assistant, Fort Collins, Co

Pain and Stress Relief

"Your hot stones are sooo amazing, wonderful, soothing & comforting. Since I sit at a computer all day, my head, neck & shoulders get tight, stressed and painful. Mary gives me the best massage I've ever had and just what my sore muscles need. I love all the work on my head, neck and shoulders -- where I always feel life stress. Hot stones are the best and totally relieved my pain, allowing me to finally fully relax to a very deep level. This is so much better than a plain massage!"
-- Pat S., Computer Programmer, Loveland, Co

Foot Pain - No More
"I came to see Mary for Reflexology with hot stones because my feet hurt all the time. I'm a nurse and am on my feet all night during my shift. She worked on my legs and feet and it was wonderful, amazing and felt fantastic. After just a few sessions my pain is almost totally gone. I am feeling so much better, and I can work my entire shift still feeling good."
-- Jean M., nurse, Loveland, Co

Relief from Migraine Headaches!
"I have had severe migraine headaches for years and when I get a bad one I am totally non-functional for hours, even days. It was affecting my work and my family life, and I was taking stronger and more potent pain meds. Then I found Mary and her marvelous hot stone massage. She explained how extreme tension and stress in my head, jaw, temples and neck made the headaches even worse, and how her massage with hot and sometimes cold stones could help me. Even though it felt wonderful, I was a bit skeptical at first since I have had headaches for so many years. I came in to see her every week for a few months. Soon my headaches started getting better and less frequent. Now I come in for a stress-relief massage with lots of focus on my head, neck & shoulders every month and even though I still get occasional headaches, they are much milder and I can still function. I look forward to getting even better. This is wonderful!"
-- Tami C, Fort Collins, Co

No More Leg Cramps
Before I started to get monthly massage from Mary I used to have leg cramps almost daily, lots of pain and my feet hurt all the time. My job requires a lot of standing, so I used to take lots of Advil, Tylenol and other things for pain. Now the leg cramps are totally gone, my legs and feet feel better and I can work my whole shift without any pain and without taking ANY pain medications!"
-- Gail B., production manager, Windsor. CO

Moving and Wonderful
"It was totally beyond what I thought it would be! I felt so supported by your caring presence and touch and it made me feel safe and willing to release the tension and invite the work in my body at a deeper level. Your nurturing energy and love for your work really comes through your hands. I loved the HOT STONES that helped me relax even deeper."
-- Sara F., 2nd Grade Teacher, Fort Collins, Co

"That was awesome!!, better than any other massage I've ever had. Great energy and knowing the exact pressure points, putting perfect pressure there, very wonderful, gentle touch, strong hands. I really LOVED the deep massage with stones on my arms, legs and back, feet and hands!"
- Carla D, business owner, Fort Collins, CO

Ode to Hot Stones.
 "Massage Therapy with Hot Stones
   Makes You Feel Good.
   Right Down to Your Bones"
- printed with permission of Elmer "Bill" Shaw, International Poet, Fort Collins, CO

Wonderful Relief from Back Pain
"I suffer from scoliosis and a bulging disc between my L4-L5 vertebrae. I had pain and could barely walk when I came in. My visit was absolutely wonderful. The hot stone massage eased the pain I suffer from my condition and when I left I was so relaxed that I felt like a limp rag. It is very relaxing and therapeutic and the relief lasted for days. Mary does such a wonderful job of making you feel comfortable and relaxed. She explains everything she does. The deep tissue massage felt WONDERFUL. Mary explained that it does not have to be painful to be effective, and it worked!"
- Phyllis T, bank auditor, Fort Collins, CO

From a Firefighter.....
"After working a 2-week fire line hitch fighting wild land fires in in Colorado and Wyoming, I had a sore back, sore legs, very tired feet, and I just hurt all over.  After Mary's hot stone massage I felt great! This really relaxed me, restored and rejuvenated my entire body. It's GREAT!"
--- Tom H., U.S. Forest Service, Salida, CO

Suffers from Peripheral Neuropathy.....
"I have peripheral neuropathy of the legs and feet which causes numbness in the legs and burning with alternating cold sensations in my feet. Although I am on medication, the blood flow to my legs and feet is not satisfactory. The hot stone massage and reflexology I get from from Mary definitely helps to warm up and increase the blood flow to my legs and feet. Even though my condition is incurable, Mary's hot stones for massage with reflexology gives me some relief from pain and poor blood flow. It creates a sense of general well-being which is welcome relief."
--- David H., retired, Fort Collins, CO

"Best Massage I Ever Had".......
"I was very relaxed...like I was floating above the table. Mary's hot stone massage is so totally different then a "plain" massage, It's awesome & the best massage I ever had!"
--- Tanya K., mom, Fort Collins, CO

Arthritis, Stress, Plantar Fasciatis....

"When I first came in to see Mary my whole body hurt from arthritis, stress and plantar fasciatis. I was not handling life well because of the constant pain and stress. After her hot stone reflexology and massage I had the best night's sleep I have had in months! Our lives are full of stress and it affects our bodies in negative ways. I am the caregiver in our family for everyone - kids, husband, parents. I wasn't doing a good job because I forgot to take care of Cheryl first."
--- Cheryl W., caregiver, Loveland, CO

"Feels So Good For Days".....
[I had] a foot injury with "a toe which was painful when I walked and some numbness in the foot, &  poor circulation. [After several sessions of Mary's Hot Stone Reflexology] my foot is more comfortable now and the reflexology has been wonderfully relaxing for my whole body. The numbness and soreness is much less. I would recommend this to others because it feels so good for days."
--- Marjorie S., retired, Fort Collins, CO