Relaxation Massage - Swedish Massage

40-min - $40; 1 Hour (65-min) - $75, 1 ½ Hour - $95
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Relaxation - Swedish Massage therapy has a long history of success in the massage world and is still a favorite for many people for stress relief. This is the kind of massage that nurses routinely gave to hospital patients in the 1940's and 50's for pain relief and to help patients relax before sleep. I offer this masage as another option for you in the Menu of Therapeutic Massage therapies.

Relaxation Massage is a good choice for you if you are new to massage therapy and are looking for relaxation and stress relief, relief from pain and improved circulation. It is gentle, yet effective and NEVER painful - I guarantee it! This massage therapy can be very helpful if you have painful conditions like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue or arthritis. It is excellent for people recovering from surgery, including hip replacement, knee replacement. This is a great option for the elderly who may have aches, pains and sensitive skin. And it's gentle enough for children who need pain relief or stress relief. Relaxation Massage is also is a good choice if you are sensitive to heat and don't want hot stones. 

Relaxation Massage is a gentle therapeutic massage that uses long flowing, relaxing strokes with light to medium pressure. It feels great and brings many benefits to body and mind. In this massage a special natural massage creme is used that has many benefits of its own - it is very silky, light, non-greasy, nourishing for the skin and contains pure botanicals for relief of muscle and joint pain.

Relaxation massage is always customized for your needs and what feels good to you. 

Some of the Benefits of Relaxation Massage:

  • Feels Great
  • Increased Relaxation
  • Stress Relief 
  • Improved Circulation
  • Decreased Anxiety 
  • Reduces muscle cramps, leg cramps
    • Reduces back pain, low back pain 
    • Reduces hip pain and sciatic pain
    • Helps with re-habilitation after surgery 
    • Increases energy 
    • Relief of stress headaches 
    • Reduces blood pressure 
    • Strengthens immune system 
    • Reduces swelling in hands, ankles and feet  
    • Helps digestion  
    • Better Sleep
  • Reduced Fatigue
  • Increased Feeling of Well-Being and Energy
  • Assists the Skin to Remain Moisturized and Flexible
  • Suitable for Elderly or Children

Your Relaxation Massage Session Includes:

  • Gentle Massage Therapies for Stress Relief & Relaxation 
  • Specific Techniques to help Circulation or Swelling
  • Therapy to Address Areas of Tension, Pain or Discomfort
  • Soothing Music of Your Choice
  • Your Choice of Therapeutic Essential Oils
  • Skin-Softening Massage Creme Formulated for Muscle and Joint Pain Relief 
  • Reflexology & Masage of the Hands and Feet as Desired
  • Therapeutic Hot Packs or cold packs as needed