For New Clients 
What to Expect
in a Relaxation Massage, Hot Stone Massage or Reflexology Session

When you make an appointment by phone or email, I will ask you a few brief questions about your health, and send you a new client packet with information, health history form and easy directions to my home office.

Free Consultation
During your first visit, we spend about 15 minutes discussing your health history and any issues or concerns you may have, including any areas of pain, discomfort, problems, past surgeries, injuries or illnesses. This information will help me determine the therapies that may help you feel better.

The wonderful benefit of aromatherapy (if desired) is included at no extra charge. Together we will select your choice of therapeutic essential oils. Note that if you are sensitive to fragrance, or prefer no aromatherapy, I will provide your session without essential oils.

Relaxing Music
All music is specifically chosen to assist relaxation and stress relief. Your choices include contemporary spa music, mello instrumental, quiet classical music, New Age, Celtic, yoga music or soothing vocal selections. 

Preparing for the Massage
After I leave the room you undress to your comfort level (in privacy) and recline on my very comfortable massage table. Please note that in a professional massage you are always completely covered with a sheet (and a blanket if it's cold) and only the area being worked on is uncovered for comfort and to protect your privacy. Note that draping is required for all sessions.

Please Ask Questions
My goal is to make you as comfortable as possible and I want you to ask if you have a question andr tell me immediately if something needs to be adjusted (you want less pressure, you are cold or hot, need another pillow, etc...).

During the Massage 
During your session warm fragrant, smooth oiled stones are used for therapeutic massage of your muscles - on your shoulders, back, arms, hands, legs, calves & feet. The massage is always customized to your needs for pain relief, tension release and relaxation. Your tension and stress will just melt as you move into even deeper relaxation. Special warm (and sometimes, cool) stones may be placed on top of the sheet on your tummy & chest, some stones may be placed under your shoulders & back, arms, legs and feet and even between the toes! Small warm or cool stones may be gently placed on your face. They feel wonderful, are good for sinuses. Massage on your feet and hands with warm fragrant stones feels wonderful and is fantastic for increasing circulation.  

You may also choose to have a regular Relaxation Massage without stones.

Note - I do not massage the breast area on women. I will do abdominal massage only if you are comfortable with it and by your specific request.

My goal is to make your experience the best it can be. You are in control at all times, so I will ask if you want more or less pressure or need something else to be totally comfortable.
Please ask questions! And tell me if you like or dislike something! My goal is to provide you with a wonderful relaxing, experience to assist you to totally relax & de-stress.

What if I'm Ticklish? 
If you are sensitive and ticklish, not to worry. I use firmer touch so it does NOT tickle, but feels really good. I have never had a client (even those with ticklish feet) who did not completely enjoy their Hot Stone or Reflexology experience. 

Reflexology Sessions
If you choose a Reflexology session (without massage) then I will advise you to wear very comfortable clothing - elastic waist shorts or capris and comfy shirt. The Reflexology session is done on feet and sometimes your hands. It includes the wonderful benefits of hot stones as well as therapeutic essential oils for stress relief, pain relief, and increased circulation.

Other Therapies
If you have chosen one of the other therapies (Ah-Shiatsu Barefoot Massage, or Tibetan Singing Bowls, please click on each link to see the specific details about these therapies.

What About Emotions?
The mind and body are connected and we all store emotions in our body - "the issues are in the tissues." All types of massage, bodywork, yoga and breath work are great therapies to help process and release emotions before they get 'frozen or stuck' in the tissues, and also to help us release old emotional patterns that no longer serve us. Sometimes as muscle tightness and tension is released, the body/mind will release an emotion, and regular bodywork greatly assists this process (a good thing to remain healthy). A feeling of emotional release may happen during a session or 1-3 days after the session, depending on your process.

As a massage therapist and body worker, my goal is to assist you in your process. Know that if you feel sad or joyful, it is perfectly ok to feel and express those feelings. Sometimes you may even feel like crying or laughing and if that happens it is perfectly ok. 
Reflexology, Massage other body therapies are holistic modalities that touch your body, mind, and spirit.

After Your Session
You should feel very relaxed and refreshed at the end of the session. You may also feel slightly ‘spacey’ after the massage as as you experience release of muscle tension, release of deep toxins and relaxation. After your session I will ask you to sit for a few minites and drink water and I will give you information about stretches and self-care you can do to feel better.

waterDrink Lots of Water 
Remember your body is cleansing and balancing so WATER is important! Please drink at least 16 oz. (2 full 8 oz glasses) of pure water (or herbal teas without caffeine) in the next 24 hours. The more water the better, since toxins are being eliminated. You may experience more sinus drainage or increased urination. If you experience slight muscle soreness the next day, please continue to drink extra water to flush out the toxins.
 You also may experience more energy than usual the next day. If you are more tired, get extra sleep. This is all perfectly normal and means your body is cleansing and releasing.