25+ Ways We Are 'Green'

We have made a commitment to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We value and support sustainability and continue to look for more ways to be green, conserve, re-use and recycle in our business and everyday living. Little things add up!

   Here are the ways we do this:

  • Our city yard is a Certified Wildlife Habitat through the National Wildlife Federation! Our yard & garden is and has always been 100% organic. We maintain many birdfeeders and a small pond with a waterfall to provide food and water for birds and wildlife all year-round. We have planted many dozens of bulbs, perennial and nectar flowers for birds, hummingbirds, butterflies as well as the bees and pollinators which are currently in grave danger from pesticides.

  • We use rooftop solar power (www.solarcity.com) with 28 solar panels on our roof which generates at least 85% of our electricity needs for business and home. Check it out! YOU may qualify for the no-money down program.

  • The 15% balance of our electricity as needed is from wind power - from the City of Fort Collins Wind Power project.Currently this costs more per kilowatt hour than regular electricity but these dollars contribute to the demand for green power and helps fund additional wind farms in Northern Colorado and Wyoming.

  • Participation in Fort Collins On-demand energy program to regulate energy use (air conditioner) during summer during peak hours.

  • Recycle everything possible – paper, plastic, cardboard, glass, cans and bottles, metal, electronics and other goods.

  • Compost everything possible.

  • Lots of green plants indoors to assist air quality.
  • Buying recycled office paper for documents
    and mail outs.
  • Only printing documents as needed. Using email instead of paper mailing whenever possible.
  • Using cloth shopping bags to eliminate the use of plastic bags.
  • Serving water to clients in drinking glasses instead of using bottled water in plastic bottles.
  • Installed thermal UV window film on all South & West windows to reduce energy and the load on the air conditioner in the summertime.
  • Drying massage laundry and sheets on the closeline whenever possible to save energy.
  • Commitment to NO pesticides for lawn and garden, ever.
  • Reducing car trips and using bicycle power when possible.
  • Sending PDF documents for information instead of  printing whenever possible.
  • Putting information about our services on-line instead of printing them.
  • Using Skype for conference calls instead of driving whenever possible.
  • Currently developing  on-line eBooks & brochures versus printed media.  
  • Recycling all office and household paper.
  • Using low watt CF light bulbs where feasible.
  • Using cloth rags to clean instead of paper towels.
  • Recycling all printer ink cartridges.
  • Using 'Energy Star' appliances & recycling old ones
  • Conserving water by using a front-load low-water washing machine.  
  • Using environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, paper goods and other household products.
  • Using essential oils in the laundry instead of wasteful dryer sheets.
  • Buying goods with the least amount of packaging and recycled packaging whenever possible.
  • Using low flush toilets and other ways to reduce total water usage. 
  • Growing flowers, herbs, perennials and Xeriscape plants to beautify the environment, provide food and shelter for wildlife and birds. Many perennials and annuals provide nectar sources for hummingbirds, and support habitat for honeybees, moths and other pollinators.
  • Supporting the Rocky Mountain Sustainable Living Association in Fort Collins, Colorado. 
  • We vote everyday with our dollars. When shopping for goods and services whenever possible we buy from compaines that use sustainable practices with minimal packaging. We focus on supporting businesses that are green - kind to the planet, organic, local, that recycle, work toward sustainability and have green ethics. 
  • We contribute a portion of pre-tax profits to organizations that actively promote peace
    & sustainability, green ethics, sustainable living, Holistic health, environmental causes, animal welfare and programs that educate and help women and children, including the Larimer County Food Bank, local schools and microcredit loan donations through Whole Foods Market.