Therapeutic Hot Stone Massage
40-min - $40; 1 Hour (65-min) - $75, 1 ½ Hour - $95
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Let my warm, smooth fragrant stones massage you into hot stone Nirvana!
A great way to relieve stress, tension and pain. Hot and sometimes cool stones are placed on your body as well as used to massage your muscles. Experience the ultimate relaxation of massage therapy plus the therapeutic benefits of hot (and sometimes, cool) stones.

You'll see why Hot Stone Massage is all the rage at the expensive salons and spas. It is the most wonderful experience that will make your muscles feel like melted butter!

Hot Stone Massage Therapy is excellent
for many conditions of:

  ~ Fibromyalgia
  ~ High Stress
  ~ Arthritis
  ~ Muscle Cramps
  ~ Headaches
  ~ Carpal Tunnel Pain
  ~ Neck & Shoulder Pain & Tension
  ~ Back Pain
  ~ Shin Splints
  ~ Runners Cramps
  ~ Sciatica Pain
  ~ Leg and Foot Pain
  ~ Leg Cramps
  ~ Plantar Fasciitis
  ~ And many other painful conditions

Each session is always customized to your needs and comfort level. The pressure can be as deep or light as feels good to you. It is never painful, but sometimes 'hurts so good'. The temperature of the stones can range from very warm (soothing and relaxing) to cool (refreshing and revitalizing) or a combination of the two depending on your needs.

Studies show that the therapeutic use of warm and cool stones is very effective for total relaxation, muscle relaxation, stress release and grounding.
 therapy for headaches, tension in head & neck, and for someone who sits at a computer all day!

Heat brings increased circulation, more oxygen, causes muscles to relax and stretch more easily. Cool or cold feels wonderful after the warm stones and helps bring a feeling of balance. Cold stones may also be used to reduces inflammation and help relieve pain. By using both heat and cold, circulation is greatly increased. Special stones are also placed on specific areas of the body to provide warmth or coolness. Cool stones may be placed on your face, providing a wonderful contrast to the warmth on the body.

            Deluxe Hot Stone Package 
             1 1/2 Hours - $95    1 Hour - $75

You’ll see why Hot Stone Massage is all the rage at the expensive salons & spas. It is the most wonderful experience you can imagine! Smooth, oiled and warm, lightly fragrant stones will melt away all your stress, and make your muscles feel like melted butter! Your relaxation begins with the application of the highest quality essential oils for deep relaxation and pain relief. (unscented oil is also available if you choose).

Each session is customized for your needs and stress points. Your session may also include Neuromuscular Therapy Techniques (NMT- that is NOT painful) to relieve muscle tension and pain. Your session may also include some Reflexology on your feet with focus on relaxation, and all the Reflex points for balancing glands and organs. Warm & cool stones are used for massage of the entire foot and ankle. A large warm or cool stone is placed on the sole of the foot and small stones are inserted between the toes. In addition, each session ends with some Reiki (energy work) and techniques to balance your chi. Experience this unique massage with therapeutic hot stones, aromatherapy, Reflexology and energy work! Totally wonderful, blissful!

Hot Stone Focus Session - 40 min - Only $40
Experience the wonderful benefits of Hot Stone Massage in a shorter session! You'll get 35 minutes of Hot Stone Massage focused on a specific area. Where do you carry stress? Each session is customized for your needs for tension and pain relief in your neck & shoulders, or back, or arms & hands or legs and feet

 Short Sessions - Your Choice of:
 -- Tension Relief - Hot Stone for Neck & Shoulders, or
 -- Back Relief - Hot Stone Muscle Relaxer, or
 -- Hot Stone Massage of Shoulders, Arms & Hands, or
 -- Legs & Feet - Hot Stone Reflexology
Let my smooth, oiled and warm, lightly fragrant stones melt away all your stress, and make your muscles feel like melted butter!

Each of these special sessions includes soothing music and your choice of pure essential oils (if desired) for deep relaxation and pain relief.

Heated and cold stones are wonderful for muscle therapy by increasing circulation & oxygen. Warm and cool stones may also be placed on various parts of
 the body to enhance relaxation and improve circulation. Experience this unique massage with therapeutic hot stones.

Top 10 Reasons for Hot Stones:

1. Deep Relaxation-Stress Relief
2. Pain Relief - No Side Effects
3. Improved Circulation
4. Better Seep & Body Function
5. Better Alignment & Flexibility
6. Releases Toxins
7. Assists Immune System
8. Cleanses Lymph System
9.  It  Really Works!
10. Feels Fantastic & Nurturing!

My stones were specially hand selected for the greatest therapeutic benefits and
to provide a very grounding and

balancing energy


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Clinical studies show
that people who get regular massage have
a stronger
immune system!

Did You Know?
Dr. Oz recommends
Therapeutic Massage

and Reflexology
for general health
and well-being

as well as
back pain, 
neck pain, trigger points, fibromyalgia,
colds, joint pain,
anxiety, depression
and cancer.


Are you a 'Weekend Warrior'?

The downside from over-exertion is usually sore muscles, achy back, sore arms, legs and feet.

 Sore muscles are caused by excess lactic acid which is produced when we work or exercise hard. When the body cannot release it the muscle becomes sore.

The heat from Hot Stone Massage is an excellent way to release lactic acid, relieve sore muscles and feel better fast! 


Hot Stone Reflexology massage is total bliss for achy feet.

Let my warm oiled stones gently penetrate into your achy, tired muscles and make them feel wonderful!

Hot Stone Massage will relax and de-stress you and your tight sore muscles will feel like melted butter.

And Reflexology feels fantastic on tired, sore or achy feet.
 Experience the great benefits of Hot Stone Massage and Reflexology!