This information is intended as a brief introduction to aromatherapy and how I use it in my Massage, Hot Stone Therapy and Reflexology sessions.

Aromatherapy with pure essential oils is particularly useful when combined with Reflexology and Hot Stone Massage Therapy. In addition to smelling the fragrance of the essential oils, the skin, muscles and reflex points on the hands and feet absorb the soothing oils. The benefits of the pure essential oils are therefore absorbed into the body and bloodstream through the nose and also throught the skin.

Safe & Effective Use
Important note: essential oils (from any company) should NEVER be ingested, never put in the eyes, ears, up the nose or in genital areas. Essential oils should NEVER be used undiluted onthe skin. In my therapies, I follow these standards from the National Associaltion for Holistic Aromatherapy.

Modern research of pure essential oils shows that they have many positive effects on the brain, the nervous system, blood pressure, hormones and the immune system. Clinical studies have proven that certain oils have antibacterial and antiviral properties and can help us stay healthy and prevent disease.

All the essential oils I use in my work are from the highest reputable sources. These oils are  pure, meaning they have no carriers, additives, chemicals or synthetics of any kind. These oils are 100% natural and unadulterated and have been carefully selected for particular results.

There is a wealth of information about essential oils in books as well as on the web. For extensive information about the many uses of essential oils, including the recommendations for use, properties of the oils, and chemical analysis go to the Mountain Rose website for essential oils, herbs, teas, books and supplies.

Plant Oils Have Different Aspects
There are different types of oils - from those used in Aromatherapy to those used in industrial applications. Here is a brief explanation:

1) Pure Essential Oils  - is the designation for the purest, highest quality essential oils, meaning they have no carriers, additives, chemicals or synthetics of any kind – like alcohol, glycol, or solvents. They have been carefully selected for particular results. Only pure essential oils have been clinically proven for aromatherapy use to be effective in the body, to penetrate the cell walls, to influence brain and body chemistry. Pure essential oils are the only oils that provide any therapeutic benefits. Note that some essential oils are marketed as "therapeutic grade". Be aware that this is a marketing term and the designation of "therapeutuc grade" is not approved or regulated by the FRA or any agency and does not indicate better quality.

2) Perfume & Fragrance Oils - are the basis for the beauty industry and used extensively in perfume, body washes, makeup, soaps. lotions, heath & beauty aids, cosmetics, and cleaning products. Although they may smell nice, these fragrances are chemically created cannot enter the cells and do not provide any therepeutic benefits. 

Perfumes are lab created and they can contain additives such as pesticides, fungicides, artificial fragrance, colors and other chemicals. They are labeled "not for internal use" because of the synthetics & additives they contain. Many fragrance oils are suitable for air fresheners but cannot be used on the skin -- check the label carefully for cautions. These oils are used for candles, air fresheners, potpourri and the like, for fragrance only. 

3) Food Oils - for flavoring, used in baking, cooking and candy have no therapeutic benefits. Be aware that most food oils contain alcohol, additives and often a large amount of carrier oil. Some have additional artificial fragrance, colors and other chemical additives. Check the label carefully.

4) Commercial Oils - have no therapeutic benefits. These oils are used mainly for cleaning products and industrial use - like pine or orange cleaners. They are made from waste products from the lumber and citrus industries. Be aware that many cleaners and de-greasers are CAUSTIC and can burn the skin. Read the label carefully. Note that industrial citronella (insect repellant) that is sold for yard Tiki torches is made from petroleum products and is NOT safe to use on the body.

Benefits of Pure Essential Oils

Pure essential oils can penetrate the cell membrane and enter the blood and organs of the body for:
* Improved Blood Circulation
* Helps Lymphatic Drainage
* Helps Detoxify the Body
* Increases Oxygen to cells
* Brings Nutrients to cells
* Energizes the Body
* Assists Cell Cleansing
* Helps Metabolism
* Increases Relaxation
* Reduces Stress
* Balances Nervous System
* Positive Feelings
* Increases Relaxation 
* Can Balance Energy
* Stronger Immune System
* Can Help Prevent Illness

Essential Oils Are Antimicrobial & Antiviral

Specific Oils Can Impact Memory, Learning,  Emotions, Thinking and Feeling.

How Do Essential Oils Work?
Modern chemistry has verified the benefits of essential oils through extensive analysis of chemical components and the impact on human physiology.

Our sense of smell is the most direct path to our emotions. Essential Oils have been shown to work on different levels – physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual. The sense of smell – inhalation is the fastest route into the bloodstream.  The fragrance goes directly to the Limbic system of the brain where memories and emotions can be triggered.(Remember the smell of home baked cinnamon rolls?)

So essential oils affect not only your physical body, but your emotional and spiritual body as well.

Raindrop Therapy
Available for those who like this technique. Specific essential oils are applied in a diluted and safe way to the body. This is a powerful therapy with benefits to the immune system.

Certain restrictions apply for this therapy which is not suitable for everyone. Please call me if you are interested and we'll see if this therapy might benefit you.