Do You Like Medium or Deep - Tissue Massage?  
Then you’ll  LOVE
  Barefoot Ah-Shiatsu Massage

Ah-Shiatsu Barefoot Massage Therapy
½ Hour - $40; 1 Hour - $75, 1 ½ Hour - $95
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Safe & Effective Muscle Therapy for Deep Relief
Everyone holds tension in their body. The chronic worry, stress, rush, noise, fast pace tension in our world causes stress at a deep level of body and mind. This stress is mostly unconscious and most people are unaware of it, however it still affects them.
The chronic  deep muscle tension patterns that we all carry may have been there for weeks, months, years or even decades!

This tightness and tension affects not only the fibers of the muscles, but the nervous system, the energy flow of the body, the posture and alignment. Tension and rigid muscles can block or reduce the function of vital energy movement in the body, along the energy pathways. Barefoot Ah-Shiatsu helps the entire body as the deeper levels of pain, rigidity and stress are released. People often say they feel deeply relaxed, 'more aligned' and feel they have better posture after just one session.

Ah-Shiatsu combines specific pressure point therapy, myofascial relase, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, and Connective Tissue massasge with therapeutic medium to deep tissue compression and pressure to ease out knots, kinks and tension at the deeper levels of muscle. This unique work is applied to all muscular areas of the back, hips, legs, feet, arms, shoulders, chest using slow and firm pressure that feels so good (NEVER painful & always to your comfort level).

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 What to Wear for Ah-Shiatsu Therapy
~ Barefoot Ah-Shiatsu is done on a comfy floor mat (thick futon).
~ No lotion or oil is used.
~ You wear very comfortable clothes (cotton t-shirt & shorts or sweat pants). Please do not wear slippery nylon clothes. Also, no jeans, fitted pants or button shirts - no buttons, no zippers.

I achieve deep pressure to your comfort level with special techniques with my stocking feet. 
Barefoot Ah-Shiatsu is excellent for sore muscles or just because it feels so good! You'll feel the difference.

How It Works
'Ashi' means foot and 'atsu' means pressure. Ah-Shiatsu Therapy is a specialized massage done with the therapist's feet. It opens energy along the meridian lines of the body. More pressure can be applied through Barefoot Ah-Shiatsu than can be achieved on a massage table. This facilitates a deep muscle flush, stretching of the deeper muscles and tendons, deeper relaxation of the muscles and nervous system, and increased flexibility. Ah-Shiatsu releases lactic acid, toxins and metabolic waste at deeper levels than table massage. It also releases deep trigger points (hyper-irritable muscle spots), and deeper muscle adhesions that impair full muscle range and function. It helps lengthen and release tight and short muscles and tendons to a more natural state. It assists with deep blood circulation and movement of lymph fluids.

This therapy is effective and safe for most people who are healthy and active. Ah-Shiatsu therapy  combines techniques of pressure point and trigger point work to ease out knots and relieve deep muscle tension - great for sore muscles or just because it feels so good!
Ah-Shiastu Therapy is restorative at a deep level, improving muscle alignment, circulation and relieving pain.

Just like anything else, it is not for everyone -- see the list below for the conditions that are not suitable for this kind of therapy.

Barefoot Ah-Shiatsu is particularly beneficial for the core stabilizer muscles of the back, waist, low back, hips, glutes, IT band, leg and hanstring muscles. It helps stretch the vertabrae, particularly in the low back and helps open the hips. These large muscle groups are responsible for the core support and alignment of the body. Ah-Shiatsu helps them relax and realign as the deep tension is released.

It also feels great on the upper back and gets that tight spot between the shoulder blades. It relieves tight muscles of the shoulders, neck, arms, wrists, hands, lower legs and feet. The pressure is as deep or light as feels good to you and is always customized to your specific needs at that time, your comfort level and flexibility.

Other Benefits
Barefoot Ah-Shiatsu does more than relieve tight muscles. It also helps to gently stretch and re-align the muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments. It relieves deep muscle spasms and pain and it can release tightness and adhesions 
in the fascia, which may be due to inactivity, chronic stress or scar tissue. In Barefoot Ah-Shiatsu therapy toxins are flushed out of the muscles at a deep level, and blood circulation is increased.

You will feel deeply relaxed. The muscles feel better and 'clearer'. Joints feel better as the surrounding muscle tension is released. Ah-Shiatsu helps the immune system by increasing lymph flow (the cleanser of the immune system) detoxify the body. Finally, Barefoot Ah-Shiatsu helps open the energy channels in the body.

Over several sessions you will notice increased relaxation, flexibility, openness and range of motion.  It is never painful, but feels so good and sometimes sometimes 'hurts so good, feels so good' as soreness, deep tension and toxins are released.

In these sessions, I integrate the root teachings of Oriental therapies, Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage, Acupressure, and a reverent spiritual practice. This special massage technique of Barefoot Ah-Shiatsu requires experience and thorough knowlege of anatomy and physiology as well as knowlege of meridians and energy pathways.

Who Should NOT Have Ah-Shiatsu Therapy - The Contraindications
Ah-Shiatsu is a safe and effective therapy for many people. If you are generally in good health and like medium to deep tissue massage it can be of great benefit to you. However, it is not suitable for certain conditions that are contraindicated - which means you should never have this therapy if you currently have or have had:

Varicose veins, surgery for veins or phlebitis (inflammation/infection of veins or arteries)
~ Hernia
~ Current pregnancy
~ Diverticulitis, bowel adhesions or infection or inflamed appendix, severe IBS
~ Uterine or abdominal tumors
~ Cancer, diabetes or other condition requiring medical care
~ Infection or inflamation
~ Severe headaches, migraines or occular migraines
~ Recent strain, sprain, injuries, fracture or broken bones
~ Severe past injury or extensive scar tissue
~ Soft or 'brittle bones', osteoporosis
~ Aneurysm, brain tumor, history of stroke or TIA
~ Kidney disorders of any kind
~ Liver problems
~ Removal of lymph nodes
~ Have a heart stint or shunt of any kind
~ Skin infection, bruising, rash or irritation, including sunburn
~ Swelling or edema especially in the ankles, legs or arms
~ Impaired circulation of any kind
~ Uncontrolled or severe high blood pressure
~ Recent bowel, stomach or gall bladder surgery
~ Are taking Cumadin, heavy doses of asprin or any type of blood thinner
~ Hemophilia or if you bleed easily
~ Have a heart condition or congestive heart failure
~ Have a pacemaker
~ Have had recent surgery of any kind
~ Have had recent joint replacement
~ Any eye procedures or surgery, including recent lasik 
~ Moderate to severe arthritis
~ Fibromyalgia
~ Recent breast implants 
~ Severe scoliosis, ruptured spinal disc or spinal fusion

History of Ah-Shiatsu
Barefoot Ah-Shiatsu is an ancient therapy has been practiced by healers and monks in Asia for over 3,000 years. It was practiced as a healing and restorative therapy to relieve pain and balance the Chi. This modality evolved through the cultures of Tibet, China, India, Thailand, the Phillipines and Japan. Today, there are many different styles of Ah-Shiatsu practiced around the world in both East and West.

Like all other forms of Asian Medicine and Bodywork, (martial arts, yoga, Ayurvedic, acupuncture, Thai massage, Reflexology, etc.) Ah-Shiatsu focuses on the whole person and the balance of the body's vital energy known as Chi. Ah-Shiatsu causes relaxation through the release of deep tension and the release of endorphins (the "feel good" hormones).  As deep-level tension is relieved, the body can return to balance and the normal flow of vital energy for health and wellness. It is recognized as an effective therapy for chronic back and neck pain and relieves joint pain.

                                        That's why we call it Ahhhhh-Shiatsu!

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